North: True North is approximately 17 degrees East of Magnetic North
Farm Portion: Agricultural subdivisions of any size
Agricultural Holding: In terms of the Act, 8565m2
Plot, Lot, Erf, Stand: Other names for township sites.
Leasehold: Ownership of the title restricted to leasing
Freehold: Ownership can be full title or sectional title
Deed of Sale: Agreement of Sale
Boxed Foundation: Timber box shuttering on rock base
Raft Foundation: Floor and Wall foundation reinforced
Waffle Foundation: Criss-Cross Micro foundation layout
Floodline: 1:50 year, now 1:100 year floodline building restriction
Borehole Yield Certificate: Discharge Pump Capacity/hour
Dumpy Level: Measures land levels
Theodolite: Measures horizontal & vertical angles & distance
TRP: Town and Regional Planner
PLS: Professional Land Surveyor
SG Diagram: Surveyor General Diagram of land dimensuons & coordinates.
ASL: Above Sea Level; height in metres above sea level.
Gradient: Angle of land or profile of land or slope
Contour: Lines showing land height above sea level
Pan Handle: Stand behind a stand with a long access driveway
Gap Site: Space between two buildings
Geotechnical Study: Soil analysis with foundation recommendation
Footprint: Same meaning as Coverage, see below
Coverage: Maximum area of land that can be built on.
Bulk/F.A.R.: Maximum lettable/buildable area under roof
Floor Area Ratio (F.A.R.)/Floor Space Ratio: See Above
Height Restriction: Maximum floors or height of building in Metres
Density: Number of dwellings per hectare (10 000m2) allowed
General Residential: Now known as Residential 3. See below
EIA: Environmental Impact Assessment
EMP: Environmental Management Plan
Zoning: Land Right (business, residential, industrial, farm.)
Earmarked: Potential Land Rights supported by Council
Proclaimed: Government gazette notice
Dolomite: Geotechnical feature % constraint

Residential 1: 1 Dwelling per Stand or ERF
Residential 2: 10 . 20 Dwellings/hectare
Residential 3: 20 . 40 Dwellings/hectare
Residential 4: 40 . 120 Dwellings/hectare

Business 1: General business, shopping centre, CBD, etc.
Business 2: Shopping Centre with Restricted bussinesses
Business 3: Shopping centre with more restricted businesses.
Business 4: Office use with/without residential use

Industrial 1: Normal factory, warehouses, storage, etc.
Industrial 2: Noxious abattoir, foundry, glue works, etc.
Industrial 3: Special, specific applications, workshops, etc.